A team built on contribution, cooperation and shared intentionality accomplishes extraordinary business results and enables its members to pursue excellence in their everyday lives.

Because remarkable things happen when individuals are empowered to thrive at the intersection of high performance and purpose.

- Angela Donnelly | Founder of Corethentic

At Corethentic, we believe that high performing teams display three key attributes:

  • A leader who truly empowers their team
  • A team with a resolute sense of ownership and accountability, that empowers individuals to always do what’s right, rather than what’s expedient
  • Individuals who are motivated to engage with others in a collaborative and cooperative manner.

This workshop is designed to help new and existing teams achieve excellence by developing the above three attributes.

During this workshop, participants will:

  • Get to know each other better and realize the significance of valuing team members at a level deeper than justwhat’s needed to get the job done around here
  • Share insights and observations relating to the teams status quoand uncover what will enable the teams future successes
  • Learn about Intent and how this drives ones behavior, impacting personal and inter-personal effectiveness
  • Unpack communication mastery and personal effectiveness models and learn the key skills therein, to improve team impact and personal growth.

Who will benefit from attending this workshop?

  • Any team/division within an organization.
  • Two or more teams within an organization that are required to collaborate effectively on a shared project or deliverable.
  • Individuals across two or more organizations that are required to collaborate on an account or deliverable. Such as a client + supplier relationship.

Workshop format

Two days, preferably off-site to enhance team bonding and minimize workplace distractions.

Ideally the group size should not exceed 12 participants.  

Venue, transport and event logistics are the responsibility of the client and/or their event organizer.

Workshop content

Final workshop content will be determined after an initial consultation to clarify the desired outcomes and confirm group size and time availability. The design of the Team Excellence Workshop follows.


The primary focus is on the team:

  • Explore team effectiveness models such as the Thrive model; 5 levels of Focus model; the Johari window of effective communication and Schuitema’s Empowerment model
  • Complete a emplorative exercise to uncover the degree to which team members know one another
  • Identify and design a team metaphor to establish the status quo and identify what is going well and agree what might need addressing to thrive as a team
  • Share Pecha Kucha presentations to really get to know each other.


The primary focus is on the individual:

  • Explore individual effectiveness models such as Power Zones; the Drama Triangle; Activity Priority Matrix and the Intent Model
  • A group exercise to discover the relationship between trust and courage and unpack the Schuitema Transactional Correctness Model
  • Establish the benevolent intent of the team
  • Personal and team commitments.

" It is rare that you come across an individual who can unlock potential and ignite a team to truly discover their prowess by exercising the courage to push boundaries into innovative realms - once you have worked with Angela Donnelly, it is a name you are not likely to forget. "

- Serena Pillay, Rand Merchant Bank (RMB)