With the large-scale shifts to remote working environments, Corethentic now delivers interactive live video-based workshops, available anywhere! If you thought that online was boring, think again! Time will fly during these bite-sized two-hour online engagements. These selected workshops focus on personal, team and leadership effectiveness to empower and develop your employees no matter where they are working from.

With small group sizes of 12 - 16 participants, these workshops are designed to blend selected theory with robust discussions, individual reflection and practical application. 


PE-1: Always rememberer you're unique, just like everyone else

Cultivate personal mastery and enhance your social interactions with others. Learn about personality styles and the origins of emotions to gain tools and insights to the drivers of behaviour and inherent challenges to social harmony. 

PE-2: Empowered to Thrive

Love who you are, and what you do! Explore the THRIVE model and discover the intersection between high performance and purpose. Also learn about power zones, and enhance your impact with others. 

PE-3: Shifting your Intent

Invite personal excellence, harmony and fulfilment - both at work and in your everyday life. Explore the Schuitema Intent Model and empower yourself to shift your world-view from getting, too giving. 

PE-4: Inviting and navigating Change

Invite personal growth and improve your effectiveness with others during times of change. Explore behavioural change and learn how the mind functions to impact sustainable change. 


TE-1: Harnessing Diversity in Decision-making

Cultivate a productive team dynamic that enables personal growth whilst achieving business results. Learn to harness the uniqueness of individuals and leverage diverse perspectives to enhance decision making and foster collaboration. 

* additional team effectiveness workshops will launch regularly with more models, tools and insights to enhance team productivity and foster shared intentionality.


LE1-5: Care and Growth™Leadership Series

Transform your leadership capability and improve employee engagement by transitioning managers to leaders! Uncover the conditions necessary to unlock discretionary effort, foster trust and loyalty, and cultivate autonomy and accountability. 

* The Schuitema Care and Growth™ Leadership series is a five-part must-have engagement for leaders. Each session is 2-hours in duration and the cohort of participants are required to participate in all five sessions to optimally benefit from the unfolding of their leadership journey.