“An organization built on empowerment, accountability and shared intentionality accomplishes extraordinary business results as employees contribute in pursuit of personal and organizational excellence.

Remarkable things happen when individuals are empowered to thrive at the intersection of high performance and purpose."                                                  -  ANGELA DONNELLY | FOUNDER OF CORETHENTIC

At Corethentic, we believe that great leaders display three key attributes

  • They sincerely care about their people and enable their personal growth
  • They cultivate accountability by effectively empowering their teams
  • They embrace change as an opportunity for personal growth.

This workshop is designed to help new and existing leaders achieve leadership excellence by developing the above three attributes.

During this workshop participants will:

  • Learn how to achieve legitimacy in the eyes of the people they lead, to unlock willingness, commitment and creativity
  • Learn how to truly empower their teams and cultivate an environment of accountability and personal contribution
  • Learn about Intent and how this drives ones behavior, impacting relationships and leadership effectiveness.

Most importantly, workshop participants will achieve personal insights and growth when maturing their Intent to pursue meaning and fulfillment in their everyday lives.

Who will benefit from attending this workshop?

Anyone currently in a leadership position or moving into a leadership role in the near future. If you have direct reports, you should attend this workshop!  This ranges from junior/supervisory-type managers who are new to managing teams, through to seasoned senior and executive leaders with many years of talent management under the belt.

Workshop format

The duration of the Leadership Excellence workshop is ideally two days. These are preferably consecutive but can also be delivered a few days apart.

The optimal workshop size is 16 - 20 participants.

On request from the client, a one-day abridged worksho format can be provided, although not recommended. A half-day workshop is available for executive teams to experience the key principles and philosophy of the workshops. 

Workshop content

This workshop teaches important skills and attributes relating to effective leadership as it examines key underlying principles and the philosophy of leadership as well as key drivers of human behavior.


  • Challenge some commonly-held views relating to leadership, power and control
  • Learn how to achieve legitimacy in a relationship of power
  • Learn to create the conditions that unlock autonomy, creativity and innovation within teams
  • Consider what makes groups and organizations successful.


  • Explore Schuitema's four key axioms as a framework for the criteria of healthy leadership
  • Examine the employer-employee relationship
  • Unpack the Empowerment Model to identify the key variables to effectively empower others
  • Discover Schuitema’s Intent thematic and consider its application in the context of both leadership and personal mastery.

" Angela Donnelly has an extraordinary ability to inspire and unlock excellence in individuals, teams and organisations by helping participants to find deeper meaning in the work they do and in their everyday lives."

 - Cilette Harris, Shine Relationship Consulting