During the Care and Growth Leadership Excellence workshops, participants gain profound learnings rooted in anthropology, philosophy and psychology. These ignite awareness and inspire personal change at the level of human Intent. 

The Application Modules listed here are recommended topics for supplementary exploration. This deepens participant learning and empowers leaders to practically apply concepts in the workplace. How these topics are prioritized or which ones are selected remain at the discretion of the client, based on their own in-house knowledge of the challenges facing leadership in their particular organization and observations elicited during the Leadership Excellence workshops.

Who will benefit from attending these workshops?

Leaders who attended the Care and Growth Workshop.

Workshop format

Designed to enable leaders to collaborate whilst exploring key leadership topics to deepen their knowledge of the Care and Growth principles. The group-coaching approach encourages interactive discussions of participants experiences and current challenges and hands-on simulations to build both confidence and competence.

These half-day sessions should be scheduled roughly monthly. This allows sufficient time to apply the learnings, gather insights and feedback progress to the group during the following session.

The following are suggested topics for application modules:

The True Meaning of Care

Getting to know your people as human beings rather than human resources. Explores how well leaders truly know their team members and how to deal with personal concerns, etc. Learn the key skill of active listening to act with generosity and courage.

Spending Time Appropriately

An indicator of what a person cares about is what they spend their time on and what they give their attention to. Leaders learn to shift their attention from the task/result to developing excellence by deliberately allocating time to the development of their people.


Learn how to earn trust and loyalty by trusting and empowering your people. Identify relevant controls and determine decisions or accountabilities to effectively empower direct reports with. Learn the 5 steps to empowerment and three golden rules.


Leaders enable team members contribution by improving their ability. Learn key coaching principles to help individuals to think about and resolve their problems – rather than telling them what their problem is and the solution. This empowers team members and improves the leaders self-awareness and matures their intent.

Holding People Accountable - Dealing with Performance Issues

Revisit the Empowerment Model focusing on standards, accountability and distinguishing between inadequate work performance and unacceptable behavior. Learn to diagnose performance issues and apply remedial action appropriate to the cause. Practice and master having hard conversations.

Holding People Accountable -Dealing with Victims

Giving takes the form of generosity and courage. Learn how to have effective conversations with team members using the “gripe to goal” process to empower individuals to take ownership of their issues and act with responsibility and courage.