Leadership can be a lonely place. Even leaders with the best intentions struggle from time to time. Gaining trust and wielding legitimate power requires a deliberate focus on attention and intention. It requires the individual to rise above their own self-interest to face each moment with generosity and courage. 

We seldom act in isolation but rather, most often in response to an external stimulus of some sort. We respond based on our experiences from the past and deeply held beliefs formed during childhood, some of which we carry through to adulthood. Occasionally these thought patterns and the behaviours they produce no longer serve us well and can become self-limiting in our pursuit to reach our full potential as human beings. When we become aware of our own cognitive distortions and disempowering beliefs and emotions impacting our communications and relationships with others, we are empowered to pursue self-mastery and discover deep meaning in what we do and abundant joy in doing it.

Leaders who have attended the Leadership Excellence workshops and individuals who have participated in the Personal Empowerment workshops often benefit from personal one-on-one coaching sessions to deeper their exploration of what is holding them back from reaching their potential.

Executives in organizations who have not yet discovered the transformational impact of these workshops who wish to pursue an executive coaching engagement will benefit from this offering as a combination of learning and coaching. You will receive personal coaching relating to the key principles and philosophy of the Care and Growth™ Model, whilst exploring your own beliefs, actions and thought patterns.

Angela combines her knowledge and experience of the Schuitema Care and Growth™ Model and Intent Thematic with training as an executive metacoach and certified NLP practitioner to help her clients undo what they have been made to be to discover who they really are!