This half-day workshop aims to cultivate an environment of thoughtful risk-taking where individuals are bolder in their actions and more courageous as they embrace change as an opportunity for personal growth and mastery. The content is based on the transformational principles of the Leadership and Personal Excellence workshops.

We aim to achieve the following key outcomes:

  • Examine risk-taking on a Risk Continuum from the extremes of ineffectiveness to recklessness,  and understand that thoughtful risk-taking requires personal choices and a willingness to put oneself on the line

  • Examine effective empowerment and the key criteria to both empower the self and work in an environment that is adequately empowering to achieve personal mastery 

  • Examine Intent to learn how to rise above ones self-interest in the choices and decisions we make 

  • Explore the relationship between Trust and Courage to understand how they relate to risk-taking and personal mastery