A niche consultancy focused on transforming the very core of an organization by unlocking a culture of empowerment, accountability and excellence.

this is achieved when leaders and their teams shift their personal intent from GETTING to giving; and individuals DISCOVER THE INTERSECTION BETWEEN HIGH-PERFORMANCE AND PURPOSE.

Angela Donnelly | CorethenticMy first experience with the Schuitema Care and Growth™ Model was 12 years ago, whilst working for a large corporate bank. As Head of Learning and Development, I was tasked with “finding a leadership intervention that would develop our organizations leadership ability and have a positive impact on our corporate culture”.

Despite having been exposed to numerous traditional leadership development offerings in my career up until that time, I was quite unprepared for just how transformative and impactful the work of Etsko Schuitema would be. Thus, began my 10-year association with Etsko that would eventually see me leaving a corporate career to focus my energy on cultivating excellence in organizations. 

This core focus of shifting personal intent, combined with my learnings gained whilst training as a meta-coach and NLP practitioner enables me to offer an integrated approach to unlocking excellence in organizations, leaders, teams, and individuals.

My recent move to Toronto, Canada has given me the opportunity to continue this work in North America, transforming places of work, one leader at a time. I sometimes find myself quite overwhelmed by the positive endorsement of how deeply impactful and transformational this approach is, affirming our belief that the fundamental principles on which this work is based are universal, as they sit at the very core of what it means to be human. 

I am deeply grateful to my clients who have given me the opportunity to work with them over the past two and a half years.

Vision7 International | Corethentic clients

Thank you Vision7 International and the leaders from Cossette, Citizen Relations, Jungle Media, The Camps Collective , Gene and K72 who continue to participate in Leadership Excellence workshops in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Each and every one of the nine sessions that I have facilitated to date has demonstrated what excellent hands this organization is in. 

cossette | Corethentic clientsCitizen Relations | Corethentic clientsCamp Pacific | Corethentic clientsCamp Jefferson | Corethentic clients

Thank you Corby Spirit and Wine Limited for empowering yourselves to explore risk-taking in the beautiful Scottish highlands and still hoping to go deeper with leadership and personal excellence whenever you are ready in future...

Pernod Ricard | Corethentic clients

Thank you Pernod Ricard for the opportunity to design a Growth with Purpose program to bring to life your new Leadership Attributes for the global roll-out to your affiliates. 

Working with the EMEA and LATAM HR teams in Paris, and the US team in NYC was a great experience . 

RC Show | Corethentic clientsThank you Restaurants Canada. I enjoyed sharing how to create "sustainability from within," during the RC Leadership Conference at the 2019 RC Show in Toronto. 

I enjoyed presenting my new keynote address "Thriving in Times of Disruption" at the 2019 Conexxus conference. I am excited that this topic is attracting serious interest, with more conference bookings in the pipeline. I can't wait!

An amazing experience working with this great group of leaders as they explored the Care and Growth Model during September and looking forward to next steps during 2020.

A great start to 2020 to be working with the SNC-Lavalin Infrastructure leadership team and looking forward to the next phase when COVID-19 is behind us.

Angela Donnelly

"Angela is a very capable consultant who combines a thorough understanding of the Care and Growth Model with a deep Schuitema Human Excellence Group | Corethentic Associatecompassion and professionalism. These qualities conspire to make her an associate who is there for her client and will always go the extra mile to ensure that the client achieves value." 

~Etsko Schuitema - Anthropologist, Leadership Expert